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Computer Game Novellas.

Starglider - Released 1986 - Game Strategy and the novella.

StarGlider is the legendary wireframe 3D action shooter developed by Argonaut Software and Realtime Games. One of the first of its kind ever. As typical for many games of that period, the game was a huge success on the Spectrum, Commodore 64, and Atari ST.



Starglider 2 - Released 1988 - Game Strategy and the novella.

StarGlider 2 is an incredible successor to the classic space sim StarGlider, sporting significant improvements over its predecessor. This time you can travel between planets, fight space pirates, trade cargo you got from destroyed ships with the help of your tractor beam, fly upon and inside planets, and -- of course-- shoot everything that moves. The graphics are no longer just wire-frames but solid filled objects.



Tracker - Released 1988 on Amiga 500 - Novella was written to fit the action of the game.

A unique action/strategy game that is hard to categorize, Tracker is a fun futuristic gameshow that pits man against machine in a maze-like arenas. You control a fleet of starships that fly through hallways and passageways in real-time, opening fire against other opponents as well as stationary defenses either automatically, or manually under your control.



Lost Eden - Published by Virgin Interactive

Paleontologists and scientists alike have researched the existence of the dinosaurs. From time to time, it has been theorized and speculated about what would have happened if man and dinosaur had co-existed on the earth. Lost Eden, an ambitious title from Cryo Interactive, sets out to put this question to rest and to theorize on why the dinosaurs disappeared.