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Here are a list of all my novels in reverse chronological order:

return of the eagles cover

Hellborn - December 2009 (published as eBook at Amazon)

        “To turn one’s back on the evidence and allow a twin to walk this earth as a carrier of Satan’s seed is the true blasphemy, Crighton. We are now convinced that there has always been a carrier of a Satanic messiah’s seed on this planet. As one carrier dies, so another takes his place. A hellborn torch carrier as proclaimed in the Satan Scrolls -–
a torch passed from generation to generation. We must extinguish that torch, Crighton.”

forest of eagles cover

Return of the Eagles - December 2004 - Severn House

It is 1945 and the end of the war spells new problems for Otto Kruger and his fellow officers now being held as 'special category' prisoners of war. What the British have in store for them and why they were not sent to Canada like all the other prisoners of war is a mystery.

U700 cover

A Forest of Eagles - May 2004 - Severn House

One of the most remarkable stories to come out of W.W.II. Based on the remarkable story of `The U-boat that lost its Nerve'(formerly a radio play by James Follett) , U-700 is an account of the surrender of a U-boat (actually U-570) to an RAF Hudson during World War II and the subsequent illegal court martial of the U-boat's first officer by his fellow officers in a POW camp.

Silent vulcan

The Silent Vulcan - August 2002 - Severn House

It is over six months since the West Sussex community of Pentworth became isolated from the rest of the world by a mysterious force wall. Beyond the strange, dome-like barrier lies the unreachable world of the bleak steppes of Europe of 40,000 years ago. Equally unreachable are the visitors responsible for the creation of the force wall, sheltering in their UFO in a deep swamp. The visitors have largely ignored the imprisoned inhabitants with the exception of sixteen-year-old Vikki Taylor. She alone holds the key as to why the visitors have come. But the revival of ancient superstitions in Pentworth have made Vikki and her friends fugitives, accused of witchcraft.


Wicca - November 2000 - Severn House

This is a science-fiction thriller based in a West Sussex village, which becomes cut off from the rest of the world after a UFO incident. A local dignitary takes advantage of an obscure Act of Parliament to seize power and impose his rule on the local population. The community descends into moral anarchy and a civil war breaks out - culminating in the trial of one villager for witchcraft.

temple of the winds

Temple of the Winds - May 2000 - Severn House

It tells the story of a group of people who are mysteriously held within a domed force field, in East Sussex. The dome has clear boundaries in length and breadth. The people in the story are suddenly faced with returning to the days of candlelight and hunting and gathering their own food. It looks at the way the "players" interact within a group now they are all "equal" and a fight for survival has begun. It just leaves you waiting for the next part of the story.


Sabre - Feb 1997 - Heinemann

Flight time from London to Sydney: ninety minutes. Sabre 005, a synergetic, air-breathing rocket engine, will revolutionise air travel as the world knows it. Paul Santos, a French engineer, developed the aircraft. A jet in the atmosphere and a rocket in space, Sabre 005 is set for its first ever-commercial test flight- and its first fare paying passengers are already scheduled for one year's time. Joe Yavanoski, a compulsorily- retired union boss, knows that the threat Sabre 005 poses. Its success will spell the death of his country's former great aircraft industry and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs. Including that of top engineer Jean Lesseps. Together, Yavanoski and Lesseps hatch a plan to shatter the publics' confidence for ever- the perfect, undetectable bomb that will wipe out Sabre 005 its passengers and its crew, once and for all. All they have to do is get it on board.

second atlantis

Second Atlantis - Summer 1998 - Severn House

Millions of years ago, meteorological changes caused giant Antarctic icebergs to leave footprints of their meanderings like mighty plough marks carved in the floor of the Southern Ocean. One even crossed the equator long before humans appeared.

Geologist Glyn Sherwood is convinced such a catastrophe could happen again, but not even he is prepared for the consequences when the ice sheet finally spawns its ‘Second Atlantis’. Larger than Belgium, so vast it creates its own climate,  the immense frozen mass confounds experts who said it would melt long before it could pose a major threat to New York; Second Atlantis is melting, but not fast enough …



Mindwarp - May 1994 - Severn House

There is a legendary place in the culture of Arama whose origins are lost in pre-history. It is a place outside the great caverns of the known world. An unimaginable place peopled with demons and the damned. A place so steeped in fears and superstitions that the dread consequences of being banished there are enshrined in children's nursery rhymes.

But two students, Jenine and Ewen, believe that such a place really exists. They are destined to become technicians- the elite band of holy men and women that rule Arama- and yet they abandon their studies and become fugitives in a terror-filled relentless quest.

They don't know what they are looking for.

They don't even know what it looks like.

All they know is its name: The Outdoors.


Those in Peril

Those in peril - 1994 - Heinemann

Its 1941 and the Royal Navy have dealt a massive blow to Hitler's campaign in the South Atlantic by sinking his U-boat supply ships For Ernst Kessler, Commander of U-395, this creates a near impossible situation- he's stranded six thousand miles from home, without fuel or supplies-responsible for hundreds of civilian survivors in lifeboats and an essential consignment of Brazilian Quartz that was destined for Britain Kessler knows that he must pull off the most hazardous rescue in maritime history - an impossible journey, towing the lifeboats and their survivors a Quarter of the way around the world. Those in peril is a gripping real life story in which the true enemy is the mighty Atlantic Ocean.



Savant - January 1993 - Heinemann

Against the background of the Gulf War's Desert Storm, two British scientists learn about the extraordinary mental powers of Iraqi prisoner of war. This story was written as the major events unfolded.



Trojan - June 1991 - Lime tree

Forced to confront the possibility of a contamination of the brilliant Kronos superchip technology, Beverley Laine begins to suspect a plot to ruin her company, Nano Systems. With many lives and millions of pounds at stake, the race is on to solve the mystery of the terrifying Trojan virus.



Torus - January 1990 - Mandarin

22 000 miles above the earth a satellite somersaults along its orbit, out of control. Investigation by a space shuttle reveals the awesome truth -- a hole has been punched through the bus-size satellite by a beam weapon of awesome power and unheard of accuracy. Who has developed this new weapon? And why?

a cage of eagles

A Cage of Eagles - March 1990 - Mandarin

The locals call it Hush Hush Hall. The British Army calls it No. 1 POW Camp (Officers) Grizedale Hall. British Intelligence call it their Cage of Eagles. It is the biggest concentration of German prisoner-of-war talent in wartime England. Gathered together are airmen, navigators, radio operators, and U-boatmen. Over 100 skilled and determined men with one thought uppermost in their mind -- escape.

A Cage of Eagles is a strange story that casts the British in the unfamiliar roles of guard and hunter.



Mirage - May 1988 - Methuen/Mandarin

1967-1969. Based on the true story of how Israel's Mossad agents stole three tonnes of Mirage fighter drawings following General de Gaulle's disastrous ban on the supply of these aircraft that were vital to Israel's defence.


Swift - August 1985 - Methuen/Mandarin

Swift is the satellite communication system that handles interbank transactions. It is hack-proof. Or is it? A group of determined computer experts set out to penetrate the satellite communication system that controls the transfers of billions of dollars each day.



Dominator - June 1984 - Methuen/Mandarin

The master crime: the hijacking of a space shuttle and the appalling ransom demanded by the hijackers makes for a thriller that led to a breakthrough by James Follett into the United States market.


Earthsearch II - Deathship - June 1993 - Severn House

Four million years ago the crew of the starship Challenger abandoned the search for their home Earth - the birthplace of their grandparents - and settled on the third planet of a solar system on the fringe of the galaxy, leaving Angel One and Angel Two, the Challenger's control computers, to continue the search in the starship.

The four settlers called their new home Paradise. With seven-tenths of its surface covered in water, deep blue skies, and an abundance of lakes, rivers and lush forests, the planet is unlike the Earth that the four settlers used to study in the Challenger's vast hologram and video library.


Earthsearch - 1981

The sequel to MINDWARP, in which the crew of the Challenger decide to go in search of the Earth, which appears to have vanished from the solar system.

tiptoe boys

The Tiptoe Boys - April 1982 - Mandarin

Filmed as 'Who Dares Wins'

Peter Skellen is thrown out of the SAS for serious misconduct. He resigns his commission and becomes a gamekeeper -turned-poacher. His skills and inside knowledge of counter terrorism, available to the highest bidder, make him a walking timebomb..


churchills gold

Churchill's Gold - 1980 - Weidenfeld

In 1941, before America entered the war, the last of Britain's dwindling gold reserves are held in South Africa. It has to be moved to America to pay Roosevelt's `cash and carry' bills. The German High Command learn of British shipping plans and resolve to stop it or capture it.


U700 - 1979 - Weidenfeld

One of the most remarkable stories to come out of W.W.II. Based on the remarkable story of `The U-boat that lost its Nerve'(formerly a radio play by James Follett) , U-700 is an account of the surrender of a U-boat (actually U-570) to an RAF Hudson during World War II and the subsequent illegal court martial of the U-boat's first officer by his fellow officers in a POW camp.


ICE - 1978 - Weidenfeld

The top brass of Western Intelligence are badly rattled when transatlantic cables are inexplicably and provocatively cut, and Russian and American relations reach freezing-point. Only Glyn Sherwood and Julia Hammond, two scientists working in the Antarctic, can guess the identity of the enemy. It is a gargantuan slice of the glacial continent bearing millions of tons of rock on its grasp, which triggers a series of disasters as it drifts inexorably north.

crown court

Crown Court - 1977 - Weidenfeld/Arthur Barker

Based on the Granada TV series, this well-crafted book follows the fortunes of a down and nearly out jurist who can hardly follow the court proceedings through worrying about his girlfriend's difficult pregnancy.

But, by the end of the week, he is caught up in momentous events in the courtroom that imperil his life.


doomsday ultimatum

Doomsday Ultimatum - 1976 - Weidenfeld

It is the mid-1970s. A group of disaffected politicians,businessmen, and servicemen -- fiercely patriotic men and women with the right skills and ambitions -- plan and execute a bizarre operation to stop Britain sliding into what they see as anarchy.

They seize a nuclear power station as a means of holding the government to ransom. The twist ending comes as a complete surprise and demonstrates this new author's mastery of indirection.