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Magna Audio Books

A Cage of Eagles - Read by Robbie MacNab

Published in Feb 2000. Story Sound Audio 8 Cassettes in slip case Duration 9 hours.

The locals call it Hush Hush Hall. The British Army calls it No. 1 POW Camp (Officers) Grizedale Hall. British Intelligence call it their Cage of Eagles. It is the biggest concentration of German prisoner-of-war talent in wartime England. Gathered together are airmen, navigators, radio operators, and U-boatmen. Over 100 skilled and determined men with one thought uppermost in their mind -- escape.



A forest of Eagles - Read by Glen McCready

Published in January 2006.

It is 1942, and senior German officer, U-boat "ace" Otto Kruger finds the PoW officers under his command are impatient with his autocratic regime, which forbids escape unless it has been properly planned. A battle of wits between Kruger and his captors follows.



Return of the Eagles - Read by Glen McCready

It is 1945 and peace spells new problems for Otto Kruger and his fellow officers, held as prisoners of war at Grizedale Hall in the Lake District. Some are impatient to be repatriated, others have nothing to return to. Some, such as V2 rocket scientist Eric Hoffmann have terrible secrets to conceal from the British. Partially-blind Mark Schiller has learned about the pioneering work of an eye surgeon in London, and he takes advantage of lax security to escape, with the intention of tracking down the remarkable Harold Ridley and pleading with him to perform his miracle operation.