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Saturday night Theatre Radio 4.

Rules of Asylum

10th November 1973. Produced by M.Etall

The light of a thousand suns

6th July 1974. Produced by M.Etall

The U-Boat that lost its nerve

22nd Feb 1975. Produced by M.Etall


13th March 1976. Produced by Graham Gauld

The Rabid Summer

August 1976. Produced by Kay Patrick

The spanish Package

4th June 1977. Produced by David Godfrey

The destruction Factor. Part1
Seeds of Creation

11th March 1978. Produced by David Spencer

The destruction Factor. Part2
World without Fire

18th March 1978. Produced by David Spencer

Vendetta for a Judge

30th January 1979. Produced by M.Etall

The Long Lonely Voyage of U-395

29th July 1980. Produced by Glyn Dearman

Darkening of the Moon

16th July 1986. Produced by Shaun MacLoughlin


8th November 1986. Produced by Alec Reid


Afternoon Theatres BBC Radio 4

The Doppelganger Machine

14th August 1974. Produced by Roger Pine

Speculator Sport

18th December 1974. Produced by M.Etall

The Last Riot

13th December 1975. Produced by M.Etall

The Twisted Image

21st April 1977. Produced by M.Etall
Review can be found here.

A Touch of Slander

19th November 1977. Produced by M.Etall

Oboe at the Embassy

5th September 1980. Produced by Gerry Jones

The Finishing Touch

(Not sold to R4 but sold widely throughout the world)


Just before Midnight Plays on Radio 4

The Devil To Pay

21st April 1979. Produced by Glyn Dearman

Softly Steal The Hours

14th Dec 1979. Produced by M.Etall

The Bionic Blob

Early 1979. Produced by John Tydeman

The Bionic Blob and the Case of the Stolen Wavelengths

26th August 1979. Produced by john Tydeman

The Man Who Invented Yesterday

15th Feb 1980. Produced by Chris Venning