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Television History

Security Risk - Crown Court

For Granada TV. 3 episodes, broadcast 24-26 July 1974. Produced by Jonathan Powell

The Murder Monitor - Crown Court

3 Episodes broadcast 12-14 Feb 1975. Produced by Kerry Crabbe

Dawn of the Gods - Blake's 7

For BBC TV, series C. Broadcast 28th Jan 1980. Produced by David Maloney

Stardrive - Blake's 7

For BBC TV, series D. Broadcast autumn 1981. Produced by David Maloney

Hit & Run - The Squad

For Thames TV, broadcast December 1980

Diplomatic Incident - The Squad

For Thames TV, broadcast early 1981, series P. Produced by Pamela Lonsdale.

BBC School TV- Today and Tomorrow

An intro to major developments in engineering during the second half of the 20th Century. Broadcast May-June 1980. Produced by Bruce Jamson.

The Mighty Micro
The Energy Burners
Dawning of the Solar Age
The Global Village

BBC Children's TV

18 episodes of Hyperspace Hotel. Three
6-part science-fiction series transmitted during 1988-91 as part of BBC1's Knowhow series. produced by Jane Tarleton.